Environmental Engineering Program

Burapha University is located in the eastern part of Thailand and is surrounded by many industrial estates. Most recent concerns resulting from the activities in the industrial estates that affect almost all sectors in the areas are environmental quality issues. These issues include safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, solid and hazardous waste disposals, outdoor and indoor air pollution, marine pollution, and environmental management.

The program will prepare students to work in multi-disciplinary teams that analyze and formulate sustainable solutions to solve these environmental problems. In addition, the curriculum is to support the participation of Thailand in the Asian Economic Community (AEC).

Credit Requirements: Total credits for all the courses at least 139 credits are required.
1) General Education Courses 30 credits
2) Basic Courses 40 credits
a. Basic Mathematics and Sciences Courses 24 credits
b. Basic Engineering Courses 16 credits
3) Major Courses, at least 63 credits
a. Compulsory Major Engineering Courses 53 credits
b. Major Elective Engineering Courses, at least 10 credits
4) Free Electives Courses, at least 6 credits
Content of Major Courses
a. Compulsory Major Engineering Courses
512202 Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
512203 Biology for Environmental Engineering
512204 Environmental Chemistry and Biology Laboratory
512311 Unit Operations for Environmental Engineering
512312 Biological Unit Processes for Environmental Engineering
512313 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
512322 Design of Sewerage
512323 Water Supply Engineering
512324 Wastewater Engineering
512331 Solids Waste Engineering
512332 Hazardous Waste Management
512341 Air Pollution Control
512361 Environmental System and Management
512362 Environment and Energy
512371 Coastal and Marine Pollution
512421 Industrial Water Pollution Control
512461 Environmental Law
512481 Industrial Safety Management
515321 Environmental Hydrology

b. Major Elective Engineering Courses
Study plan based on the interests of student
512496 Practical Training in Environmental Engineering
512497 Experience Training in Environmental Engineering
512498 Environmental Engineering Project I
512499 Environmental Engineering Project II
512422 Water Quality Management
512423 Building Sanitation
512441 Noise and Vibration Control
512482 Environmental Impact Assessment
512483 Selected Topics in Environmental Engineering I
512484 Selected Topics in Environmental Engineering II
512491 Computer Applications in Environmental Engineering
512492 Public Health Engineering
512493 Modeling for Environmental Engineering
515421 Water Resources Engineering
515451 Geo-environmental Engineering
515452 Groundwater Resources
515453 Geotechnology of Waste Management
515454 Soil and Groundwater Pollution
515471 Coastal Hydrodynamics and Environments
Study plan based on the cooperative education program
512494 Cooperative Seminar for Environmental Engineering
512495 Cooperative Education for Environmental Engineering