Embedded System Engineering

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At present, Thai software and its service markets have seen a drastic increase in its growth rate for 22.2% with THB 39,096 million. According to a study by TDRI, the overall market value is expected to reach THB 44,026 million in 2014, with the value of THB 5,864 million only in Embedded Systems Software segment. The growth tends to continuously increase. However, the main problem of software industry in Thailand is a lack of highly skilled personnel, in such a way that preferable individuals must master both software and hardware skills. There is no institution in Thailand offering a degree in this subject whereas a graduate is expected to create an added value up to THB 4 million/person/year. TDRI suggested that “Universities should extend their courses to cover the need of market due to the fact that most companies have to spend 6-12 months in training their new staff before getting them to work on a practical assignment. In addition, many new graduates tend to change the job frequently or engage in a freelance job that causes an interruption in knowledge and experience accumulation. Moreover, skilled personnel like to stay in Bangkok resulting in a shortage of personnel in other areas.

This program is developed with the emphasis to enhance the potential of individuals to work in Embedded Systems industry. The graduates are expected to be vigilant of a rapid change of technology and be able to keep pace with it. The program aims to train engineers who possess profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills with innovative minds. The programs also promotes the life-long learning philosophy. In this program, the technical knowledge will be taught along with a promotion of integrity, ethics and culture.

  • Program Structures
  • Plan of Study
  • Courses

Embedded System Engineering
Credit Requirements: Total credits for all the courses at least 136 credits are required.
1) General Education Courses 30 credits
2) Basic Courses 36 credits
a. Basic Mathematics and Sciences Courses 12 credits
b. Basic Engineering Courses 24 credits
3) Specific Engineering Courses 64 credits
a. Core Compulsory Engineering Courses 35 credits
b. Technical Elective Engineering Courses 14 credits
c. Internship and Co-operative Studies 15 credits
4) Free Electives Courses 6 credits
Content of Specific Engineering Courses
a. Core Compulsory Engineering Courses
514106 Embedded Programming
514107 Fundamental Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
514203 Analog and Digital Electronics Design
514204 Data Communication and Networking
514303 Signal and Systems
514304 Microprocessor and Interfacing
514305 Software Engineering
514306 Applied Embedded Systems Laboratory
514307 Principle of Communications
514308 Control Systems
514309 Power Electronics
514401 Embedded Systems Project I
514402 Embedded Systems Project II
b. Major Elective Engineering Courses
Select 5 courses OR 14 credits from the following courses
514311 Introduction to Robotics
514312 Data Structure and Algorithms
514313 Transmission Line
514314 Microwaves Engineering
514315 VHDL and FPGA IC Design
514316 Operating System
514317 Digital Signal Processing
514318 Image Processing
514319 Automation Technology
514320 Wireless Sensor Networks
514404 Securities in Computer and Networking
514405 Optical Fibre
514406 Antenna Engineering
514407 Information and Coding Theory
514408 Wireless Communication and Networking
514409 Energy Harvesting
514410 Automotive Embedded System
514411 Product Design
514412 Underwater Communication Technology
514413 Internet of Things
514414 Internet Computing
c. Internship and Co-operative Education
514106 Pre-cooperative Education
514207 Embedded System Internship I
514310 Embedded System Internship II
514403 Co-operative Studies

Corporate Partners for “Work Integrated Learning Plus” project


Celestica (Thailand)

We manage your product’s complete lifecycle. We provide an integrated end-to-end supply chain offering from the initial concept phase – providing design and engineering expertise, new product introduction, supply chain design and commodity management. Seamlessly. Our globally consistent and integrated information technology platform enables faster decisions based on the most accurate information. This enables us to be more responsive and allows you to reduce time-to-market and maximize flexibility.

Celestica’s CoreSim Technology™ is a design process that uses a set of design tools and capabilities that provide leading Advanced Design Analysis and Cost Reduction Redesign services to our customers. We use this proprietary technology to identify potential design issues for our customers. This drives reduced cost on redesigns and faster time-to-market for you. Our innovative teams deliver these services in every major geography.

Maxim (Thailand)

We design, develop, manufacture and market a broad range of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits, commonly referred to as analog circuits,
for a large number of customers in diverse geographical locations. The analog market is fragmented and characterised by diverse applications, numerous product variations and, with respect to many circuit types, relatively long product life cycles. Our objective is to develop and market both proprietary and industry-standard analog integrated circuits that meet the increasingly stringent quality and performance standards demanded by customers.

ThaiEasyElec (Venus Supply)

ThaiEasyElec.com , was established by young and fighting for success engineers in the end quarter of year 2006 .We started our company by selling embedded electronics devices and Development Board , sourcing on demands and project developers. Our team have more than 10 people , we focus on ARM based application project developers .

In Summary (2010), Our core businesses as below
1.Selling embedded electronics commodities: electronics components, development boards, evaluation boards, sensors, educational electronics products and etc.
2.Sourcing on demands: Finding and importing products for customers
3.Project developers and consultants (Main Business) : With experienced R&D team, we can help, and support customers to achieve their demands
4.Embedded System Training

The VC Group

We focus on building products and solutions connecting people and things to the Internet to help transform the way we live and work in this world in the next 10 years. We have the partners named Foxconn, the world’s largest electronic manufacturer and the manufacturer of Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and iPad; Amazon’s kindle, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii U, and more IT products in the world.

YASKAWA (Thailand)

Distributor of Industrial Robots, LV Inverter, MV Inverter, Servo Motors and Motion Controllers.

Yaskawa has grown to become a leading supplier of AC and DC servos, AC inverter and FA Controllers, Robotics products in South East Asia region. And, presently, Yaskawa main operation in Singapore includes sales, technical support, after-sale service and PCBA procurement business in 1995 and now it is one of Yaskawa’s major businesses. At the heart of Yaskawa course of action is our motto”Customer Satisfaction”, which all our staff know it as their mission. We believe strongly that only Yaskawa takes “Customer Satisfaction” as its focal point for policy will create the winning market strategy.

YASKAWA Automatica 2012

ThaiGerTec (TGT)

ThaiGerTec is a Thai-German company with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Munich, Germany, established in Thailand since 2005,which currently registered under Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). Our focus is on microelectronics and embedded systems for the automotive industry. Our customers include International car manufacturers and their suppliers. Our products range from transmissions/motor control units and high-tech data loggers to hardware/software development and consulting services


High Quality Air Conditioner (Top 3 Market Share in Thailand for 6 – 7 years among international competitors, Reference : JARN Newspaper)
We have our own Research & Development Center. We distributed our product more than 30 countries around the world. Manufacturing almost every parts of air conditioner in one-roof factory.