Dr. Ropru Rangsivek


Dr. Ropru Rangsivek (RRA) is an internationally and nationally experienced Engineer. The past 15 years, he spent most of his timiKlicK Fotostudio Berlin BUSINESS & BEWERBUNGSFOTO Fotograf 13x18 formate (3)e in Denmark and Germany. RRA joined the BUU Engineering Program in May 2015 and is currently leading the team in developing a new Environmental Engineering program (English program), where Problem-based-learning (PBL) is used as method of study. With this study model, RRA aims to shape the future of Thailand by increasing skills of Thai students in problem solving, presentation skills, critical thinking, team work and etc.  The program started in August 2015.

RRA has a doctoral degree in Water Quality Control Engineering (supervised by Prof. Martin Jekel, Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and partly by Prof. G. Amy, USA). There, RRA was working with a new concept in decentralized storm water management, advanced wastewater treatment and reuse as well as groundwater recharges. His master degree was in Environmental Engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark – where he exposed to PBL for the first time through out the curriculum. He got Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand.

In addition to the curriculum development, RRA is also developing an individual research focus on treatment and reuse of water and nutrients from wastewater where the ultimate goal is to close the energy, water and nutrients loop to sustain the industries and livestock farming.

Research Interests

  • Water Quality Control Engineering
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
  • Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas)
  • Bacterial Regrowth and Sensors
  • Urban Drainage Management and Engineering
  • Membrane Filtration and Pre-treatment methods
  • Problems Based Learning


RRA has years of significant practical experience in engineering field: as Application Specialist in Water Treatment at Grundfos Headquarter A/S in Denmark. There he involved in developing several innovative projects such as the Grundfos Bacteria sensor (Grundfos BACMON), membrane filtration and pre-treatment technologies as well as conducting a number of lectures and innovation workshops. He found a company in biogas sector, and was working as a project leader at the leading Energy Research and Development Institute, Chiang Mai University. He has traveled many places of the world, but currently focuses mainly on India and Asia. RRA speaks Thai, English, intermediate Danish and German.

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