Dr. Laurent Mezeix


Dr. Laurent MezLaurenceeix has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s of Science degree in Materials Science. He has 8 years of experience in composite materials and structures for aerospace. His PhD focused on the development of new materials for aerospace sandwich structures. This PhD was realized in collaboration with the industry and one of the developed materials was patented. Then, he joined the aerospace industry in France where during 2 years he worked as research and development engineer. His work consisted in the development of an innovative new composite floor structures for an aircraft application. After this industrial experience, he travelled in Malaysia where he worked 2 years as postdoctoral researcher for an industrial aerospace application through Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC) project. During this experience, he worked on the composite manufacturing and the spring-back prediction of composite materials. Dr. Laurent Mezeix joined Burapha University in July 2015 where is teaching mechanics and physics in the faculty of Engineering.



  • Ph.D. (2010) Material Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, University of Toulouse, France
  • Master of Science (2007) in Material Science. University of Toulouse III, France
  • Bachelor (2005) in Mechanical Engineering. University of Rennes-1, France


Research Interests

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Structures design
  • Aerospace structures
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • 3D printing/Additive Layer Manufacturing
  • Composite materials and structures
  • Composite manufacturing



Dr. Mezeix’s research interests are centered on composite materials and lightweight aerospace structures. By an approach including manufacturing, experiments and FEA, his research focuses on: sandwich structures, composite properties, composite failure scenario, relation between composite manufacturing process and materials properties, Finite Element Analysis and structure design and optimization.



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  • Core material, WO 2010063941 A1, ATECA, INPT, UPS. Author: M. Mezeix et Bouvet (UPS), Mme Poquillon (INPT), Mme Fascio, M. Vié et Brian (ATECA)