Civil and Infrastructure Engineering


In order to enhance developing country to be developed country which has the potential base of industrial and agricultural and competition ability, integration of science, engineering, and technology is necessary. Especially Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, it is the basic mechanism for country development, enhancing competition capability for the business, industrial, and agriculture sectors. Therefore it is necessary to develop knowledgeable engineer and technology administrator in order to efficient apply and manage high technology continuously.

This program will produce sufficient knowledgeable graduates to handle modeling, analysis, design, construction control, inspection, project planning, and consulting solutions related to Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.

  • Program Structures
  • Plan of Study
  • Courses

Curriculum Structure
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Credit Requirements: Total credits required are 142 credits.
1) General Education Courses 30 credits
2) Basic Courses 45 credits
a. Basic Mathematics and Sciences Courses 24 credits
b. Basic Engineering Courses 21 credits
3) Major Courses 61 credits
a. Compulsory Major Courses 51 credits
b. Major Elective Courses 10 credits
4) Free Elective Courses 6 credits
Content of Major Courses
a. Compulsory Major Courses
515222 Route Surveying
515323 Field Survey Practice
515331 Material Testing Laboratory
515332 Concrete Technology
515333 Concrete Testing Laboratory
515341 Theory of Structures
515342 Structural Analysis
515343 Reinforced Concrete Design
515361 Soil Mechanics
515362 Soil Mechanics Laboratory
515371 Transportation Engineering
515372 Highway Engineering
515373 Highway Engineering Laboratory
515383 Hydrology
515384 Hydraulic Engineering
515444 Steel and Timber Design
515451 Construction Management and Cost Estimation
515463 Foundation Engineering
515485 Water Supply Engineering and Design
515491 Application of Computer Programs in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

b. Major Elective Courses
Study plan based on the interests of student
515496 Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Experience Training
515497 Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Practical Training
515498 Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Project I
515499 Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Project II
515434 Durability of Concrete
515445 Building Design
515446 Bridge Design
515447 Prestressed Concrete Design
515448 Finite Element Method for Civil Engineers
515449 Protection, Repair and Maintenance of Structures
515452 Construction Project Planning and Management
515453 Construction Technique
515454 Safety and Construction Law
515455 Economics and Statistics for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
515464 Geomechanics and Constitutive Modeling
515465 Underground Excavation
515466 Soil Improvement
515467 Design in Geotechnical Engineering
515474 Fundamental of Urban Rail Transit Operation and Planning
515475 Pavement Design
515476 Fundamental of Traffic Engineering
515477 Fundamental of Rail Transportation Planning
515478 Introduction to Rail Transportation Engineering
515479 Introduction to Rail Transportation System Analysis
515486 Drainage Engineering
515487 Water Resources Engineering
515488 Coastal Engineering
515494 Selected Topics in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering I
515495 Selected Topics in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering II
Study plan based on the cooperative education program
515500 Cooperative Education for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
515501 Cooperative Seminar for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering