Apply Online

Applicants must apply online. The announcement and instruction can be downloaded from the website via or Please note that the application process must be completed before making an application fee payment at the bank.

Application Documents
Please upload the documents 1)-4) online. Note that items 1)–7) must also be submitted via post to Faculty of Engineering address.

  1. A certified copy of academic transcript
  2. A certified copy of English language test certificate (IELTS, TOELF, CU-TEP, BUU-Test)
  3. A certified copy of GAT, PAT 1, PAT 2, PAT 3 or SAT II or others (if any)
  4. A certified copy of identification card or passport
  5. A copy of non–refundable fee payment receipt (if applicable)
  6. One 1-inch recent photo
  7. A print out of the completed application form

If the documents are not in English, please submit the certified copy of the original documents with an official English language translation.