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The Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University is located in the coastal town of Bangsaen, Chonburi Province and surrounded by the industrial estates in Thailand s Eastern Seaboard. The Faculty was established in 1991 by the consensus of Burapha University Council to serve the Government s Eastern Seaboard Development Project. The major obligations are to provide the quality engineers and technologists to serve the need of the industrial sectors.

The Faculty of Engineering consists of:

“To provide superiority and intellect together with the knowledge and morlity ot society”

Get ready for AEC with Burapha Engineering English Program

The Faculty of Engineering at Burapha University is offering places in its Bachelor of Engineering Programs for the upcoming Academic Year 2014. The programs, taught in English, aim to provide an excellent academic opportunity to a highly qualified student strived to develop his/her expertise towards engineering profession and related field.
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) English Program in 3 majors:

Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering Program in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering is aimed to produce sufficient knowledgeable graduates to handle modeling, analysis, design, construction control, inspection, project planning, and consulting solutions related to Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.

Embedded System Engineering

This program is developed with the emphasis to enhance the potential of individuals to work in Embedded System industry. The graduates are expected to be vigilant of a rapid change of technology and be able to keep pace with it. The program aims to train engineers who possess profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills with innovative minds. The programs also promotes the life-long learning philosophy. In this program, the technical knowledge will be taught along with a promotion of integrity, ethics and culture.

Environmental Engineering

This curriculum aimed to produce qualified engineers who have a proactive skill in engineering and management as well as be recognizant in rapidly changing of environmental situations for both of nationwide and worldwide. Program also trained person who have a well experience in an industrial sector with adhere to an engineering ethics.